Marc Jones, Senior Consultant

Business Process/Leadership Structure Effectiveness Support


Marc Jones is an experienced leader in retail and manufacturing. His leadership style focuses on a team culture approach and includes experience and expertise in organizational design, business structure, and consumer engagement.

From advocating for consumers and retailers versus the big national brands at Daymon Worldwide to growing a small, private, regional supermarket into a national, fast growing, public, fresh-focused retailer at The Fresh Market, Marc has always enjoyed being the underdog and building teams to take on BIG challenges.

Most recently Marc, as CEO and President, led the HAC, Inc. team in proving there is a future for small, regional grocers to compete against the industry giants. They succeeded and showed the world (or at least Oklahoma!) that there is a place (and a growing, profitable place at that!) for a small, friendly, employee-owned retailer who is willing to show sincere and deep commitment to their community.

Marc is currently focusing his efforts on improving food access and equity. He has the privilege to work with non-profits including RestoreOKC (Oklahoma City, OK) and Oasis (Tulsa, OK) to show that it is possible to sustainably improve access to fresh foods in many of our underserved and marginalized communities (aka food deserts) by harnessing the full faith, creativity, persistence, and heart of the community to the many challenges we need to overcome!

Education and Credentials

Marc holds a BA in Spanish and a BA in Political Studies from Queen’s University, and an MBA from Harvard University.