Horticultural principles provide an amazing metaphor to guide our understanding into the nature of organizations – why they are formed, their nature and purpose, what makes them healthful or toxic. Humaculture® leverages horticultural principles to keep leaders focused on critical organizational principles to create organizations that allow people to thrive.

In many ways, organizations are analogous to the soil or other growing mediums used in horticulture.

Humaculture®, Inc. transforms organizations and the relationship with and thinking about its people. Humaculture® is a philosophy of, and systematic approach to, creating profitable, aligned, and healthy organizations conceptualized as “soil” in which people can thrive. By creating the right culture, the organization naturally attracts, engages, grows, retains, sustains, and transitions people who enable the organization to thrive. Humaculture®, then, becomes both:

  1. A guiding philosophy to better understand organizations, the reasons they are created, their purpose and structure, which businesses they should pursue, how to invest capital, and how to optimize all aspects of their operation.
  2. The concept of an ideal culture for an organization where he best talent for that organization wants to grow and be fruitful to help the organization be profitable, resilient, and expand.

To achieve a Humaculture®, we utilize a vision-driven approach, focused on behaviors, supported by data and research-based design to inspire and guide participation and performance. You can’t force people to be productive, tend to their well-being, or want to engage.

An inspiring vision draws people into mission and keeps the focus on what is important (the future state). We then deliver results through rigorous actuarial analysis with customized metrics for determining success. We achieve greater engagement and better results by:

  • Assessing where you are relative to the vision, mission, and strategic priorities.
  • Developing customized strategies in partnership with you and key stakeholders to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Creating action plans that focus on the desired state without adding expense.
  • Designing programs that meet the needs of you and your workforce while ensuring dollars are spent optimally.
  • Supporting you throughout the implementation of these plans by being directly involved with you in the design, the processes, and the communications.