Humaculture® Benefits Assessment

Take a quick assessment of your benefits programs to determine how your efforts support a Humaculture® that performs at its highest level. Respond “Yes” or “No” to each question (respond “No” if you don’t know). Count the “Yes” responses.

Strategic Alignment  
Do you understand your culture, its target talent, and what that means for your benefits?  
Are your benefits aligned with a shared vision and strategy with consensus from key stakeholders?  
Are your benefits distinctive and magnetic for your target talent?  
Behavioral Alignment  
Do your benefits encourage behaviors consistent with the vision and mission of the organization?  
Does the design of your benefits programs lead employees to improve health rather than indemnify unhealthy behavior?  
Do your benefit programs contain competing behavioral provisions?  
Measurement and Metrics  
Do you capture metrics critical to your vision and mission?  
Have you adopted metrics designed to measure outcomes, rather than just cost?  
Do you and your business unit leaders understand the impact of your benefits on performance, absence, and health?  
Total Score (Count the number of Yes responses)  
If you can’t respond yes to 5 or more, then call us immediately for the antidote!®