Health & Well-being: How Humaculture® Enhances the Effectiveness of Health & Well-being Investments and Resources


  • An education institution faced:
    • $4M (15%) annual health care budget shortfall
    • Significant institutional short- and long-term budget constraints
    • Resistance to any benefit reduction or contribution increases


  • Listen to committee
  • Facilitate a shared vision with buy-in from diverse stakeholders, including skeptical faculty
  • Develop a strategy and plan to minimize future cost increases

Results Include

  • Minimal university budget increase
  • Benefits better aligned with organizational vision and mission
  • Faculty and staff were given the opportunity to maintain current contribution levels
  • Achieved 80% to 90% participation in wellness programs for 4 years
  • Actual cost, including incentives, came in under budget
  • Significant energy and enthusiasm for the initiative across the workforce
  • Peer recognition for its healthy culture

The Humaculture® guiding philosophy assured the healthy campus strategy became a successful initiative.