Talent Development: How Performance Management impacts the Humaculture®


  • An intentionally renowned medical center with 25,000 employees and an ineffective performance management process that was:
    • Dreaded by employees and labor intensive
    • Retrospective point-in-time evaluation
    • Measurement of minimum expectations


  • Established guiding principles for the performance management program
  • Articulated a vision for transformation
  • Tested the process with leadership and employees

Results Include

  • A process designed to:
    • Create an experience through a continuous conversation that inspires performance
    • Develop talent for the future
    • Measure against employee potential and business objectives
    • Simplify experience with a social process, supportive tools, and resources
    • Calibrate performance measurement across the talent pools
    • Differentiate performance with well defined rating scales
    • Measure behaviors and outcomes

A thriving organization requires a process focused on the business objectives, nurturing and developing the people, and differentiating performance.