Health and Well-being: How a Humaculture® Helps Improve Population Health and Outcomes


  • A 12,000-employee health system needed to develop an aggressive strategy to:
    • Change employee behavior
    • Streamline benefits
    • Comply with the ACA, avoid penalties
    • Advance its wellness program


  • Articulate a vision, develop a benefits architecture, and conduct modeling to:
    • Leverage health system resources as an integral part of the program
    • Garner greater participation in the institution’s wellness initiatives
    • Promote healthy behaviors and better consumer choices.

Results Include

  • 98% participation in health risk assessments, biometric screenings, and cotinine testing
  • 75% of employees verifiably risk free on all six outcome measurements
  • $2.5M reduction in annual employer cost (drop in costs, which includes $2M of incentive payments)
  • $2.0M reduction in annual employee cost
  • A strategy to meet the coverage and affordability tests for all full time and applicable part time employees

When there is a well articulated vision for a Humaculture® and rewards are aligned to nurture the “plants”, they will thrive.