Graduate Student Value Proposition™ (GSVP™): How Humaculture Principles Achieve Consensus, Understanding, and Commitment


  • Northeastern private university faced collective bargaining effort among graduate student
  • Key issue included lack of understanding of the employment vs. student relationship with university
  • Rallying cry was a demand for employment-based health care coverage


  • Worked with the graduate senate and key senior university leadership
  • Address critical benefits and compensation issues for Graduate Assistants
  • Clarify academic relationship with University

Results Include

  • Clear delineation between employment and academic aspects
  • Leading to a vote against bargaining effort
  • Over 70% of the graduate senate concluded collective bargaining was not in the best interest of the funded graduate students
  • Settling this dispute ended several years of contention and collective bargaining efforts
  • Increase student understanding and satisfaction with funding/positions

The Humaculture® approach leads to each party understanding the other party’s perspective, articulates a clear value proposition, and leads to consensus.