Financial Well-being: How Humaculture® Enhances the Effectiveness of Financial Support Investments and Resources


  • Fortune 100 company pressured by its consultant to buy a financial well-being solution.
  • Desired a financial well-being strategy to drive its decisions, not a “solution”.


  • We facilitated a vision and developed a strategy for the role of all rewards.
  • Harmonized financial well-being with existing corporate strategy, total rewards.
  • Inventoried and assessed available resources for vision alignment and behavioral design.

Results Include

  • Strategy focused on fiscal responsibility for personal and corporate resources.
  • Identification of aspects of every reward already available to support financial well-being.
  • Comprehensive approach to re-frame all rewards to support financial well-being.
  • Thorough understanding of the marketplace.
  • Understanding of the breadth of tools and resources already available.

A well formulated Humaculture® strategy focuses on how investments support the organization while helping employees thrive.